Adapting to Transform Networked Conflict

How complexity is our biggest asset

by emmi bevensee and frank miroslav

We are thrilled to launch our first short essay series on the topics of complexity, resistance, and networked conflict. Scroll down for more info.

[cover of Adapting to Transform Networked Conflict: How complexity is our greatest asset. features a murmuration of starlings over a long dock and the name for the website: the plausible possible. The cover is centered by a giant diamond for no reason. Image also doubles as link to pdf of report.]


In the age of mass networked revolts spurred in part by advances in information technology, the call to update our frameworks grows more urgent. Through the lens of complexity, we tease out some of the strategic benefits of modernized perspectives on conflict and resistance. With this understanding, we can map out better and more realistic futures.


The full series is also available in multiple formats or as individual posts.

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